Add Facebook Like Box To Sidebar

Adding a Facebook Like Box to your page is a great way to get drive “Likes” to your Facebook page.

Here’s how to add one to your sidebar.

Step 1: Go to your Site’s Dashboard

Screenshot on 22-Jun-16 at 06.35.48

Step 2: Click the “Design” link

Step 3: Click “Widgets” in the left-side menu

Step 4: Choose “Sidebar”

If you do not see “sidebar,” click a page within the display on the right. The sidebar will appear on the left-side once you click a page with the sidebar visible.

Step 5: “Add a Widget” – Choose “Facebook Like Box”

Step 6: Fill In your details

  • Make sure you just put in the Facebook page name, not the full URL.
    • You can find our Facebook page name by copying the URL and deleting when entering this into your Carrot site

Step 7: Save & Publish. Then You Are Good To Go