Affiliate FAQ

How do I sign up as an affiliate? 

You’ll sign up as an affiliate on this page. Complete the form and the blank W-9 and that’s it.

Can I get a blank W-9?

Absolutely! Here’s a blank w9 you can use:

You’ll just want to send the completed version to

Whatโ€™s the percent I get from being an affiliate? 

25% for referrals, 50% on education up-sells for affiliates.

Do I need to fill out a 1099?

It depends. If you have earned more than $600, then you may need to complete a 1099. Our financial team will be sure to send a 1099 by January 31 of each calendar year if you meet current state and federal thresholds to require this filing.

How long will my leads track for?

Forever, ie. as long as someone is a member upon signing up with your affiliate link.

How does the affiliate technology track commissions?

Carrot uses Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) as the affiliate software. It tracks commissions by putting a cookie on the person’s browser, by user’s email, and by IP address (in case your computer drops the cookie or incase the person uses separate emails from their option and purchase emails).

My lead isn’t showing in my commission report?

Bummer ๐Ÿ™ That’s no good. You’ll want your lead to reach out to our support team so we can look into it. We can not add someone to your commissions without that lead confirming you deserve credit. We also can’t remove someone if your lead used another person’s link. The best way to find out is for that person to reach out to support and ask about having you added to their profile’s referral option. They’d then need to reconnect with you since we can not provide details regarding another person’s account.

When will I get paid?

The payout commissions are done on a monthly basis. You must have earned $25.

Then, you’d receive the commissions for a month approximately two months after earned. We process all commissions between day 10 and 15 of each month for the month prior to last. This is because there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so we have to wait 30 days prior to processing your commissions.

For example, the month of January requires we wait all of February to process any 30-day refunds. You’d then receive the commissions for January in the middle of March.

My commission report shows a “clawback.” What is that?

Bummer to hear you’ve got a clawback on your affiliate ledger! It’s a very fancy way of saying that someone who purchased the product has had a refund for a myriad of reasons. You’re seeing this because, as their affiliate and the person who would receive a commission, we had to retract that commission with that person’s refund.

Can I set up direct deposit?

Absolutely! Here’s what we would need in order to process this direct deposit:

  • Bank Name:
  • Routing #:
  • Account #:
  • Checking or Savings?
  • Business or Personal?
  • Attach Voided Check
  • email to send notifications

Please send this to Once this info is received, you should be good to go.

Can I use my commissions to pay for Carrot?

We would love to have this happen. Unfortunately, the tracking software and Carrot aren’t compatible and we’re unable to set this up. We’ll be sure to reach out if this does become an option!

Can I change my affiliate user ID?

Yes you can; however, this changes every referral link you have so you could lose commissions if this is done. If you are looking for something specific for the links, we recommend you reach out to our affiliate team first at Thanks!