Citations for SEO – An Introduction

Trying to improve your site’s rankings? You can do so by adding more SEO breadcrumbs using citations.

Citations are business listings for your site to build your credibility in Google’s eyes. Citations typically consist of the business name, address, and phone number with a short sentence (maybe an image) describing what you do. Be sure that all details match on every site! You don’t want to confuse Google.

One of the main citations you’ll want to create is your Google Business Profile.

Below, you’ll find a list of sites you can use for citations, regardless of your industry or location. Our recommendation is a minimum of 50 citations. This list will get you started on your business listings. Each one will have its own process for how to get a listing so you’ll want to follow their directions to do so.

Citation Sites:

Ensuring Citations are Indexed

Don’t lose any SEO juice from your citations. Not all citations are indexable and you want Google and other search engines to see your company listed on other sites. You can do this in two steps by adding links to your site that go back to your citation listing.

Add a footer widget

Go to DashboardDesignWidgets. Choose Footer Left or Footer Right

Insert citation listing links

Click Add a Widget and select a Text Widget. Add a title “Find us on the web” and insert your citations below by

  • list your citation sources
  • link each citation source with the url for that listing
  • click the Publish button on the top left

Learn more:

Are you more of a hands-off person? Check out our in-house service for Citation Building!