Carrot Site Limits

This guide explains the hard limits for content types in your Carrot site, and contains some guidance on how to keep your site performing well.

Key Limit Amounts:

  • Carrot sites have a limit of 1,000 Pages and 1,000 of each other post type
    • Including: Pages, Blog Posts, Locations, Landing Pages, Testimonials
  • Each media item can be up to 8.5MB per upload (images, documents)
    • Images will be automatically optimized after upload
  • You can upload up to 5GB of total media (images, documents) to each site
    • Includes automatically generated thumbnails and other image sizes

These limits are designed to help keep the Carrot platform running smoothly for you and anyone else who visits your site—while helping you focus on the efforts that will drive leads. Narrowing the focus of your site content and who you are targeting will help search engines to drive the right traffic to your site.

Have a large site? It is good to regularly review and remove any unused content and media.

Suggested Usage

By using appropriate content types for their use, we’re confident you can create high performing sites with Carrot for years to come!

🗒️ Pages:
While your site can have up to 1,000 pages, our recommendation is to focus your core conversion content pages to the topics you are investing effort into marketing and ranking. This is typically under 100 pages.

📍 Locations:
Use Locations Pages create content that can target and rank for locations outside of your primary market

🖱️ Landing Pages:
Create landing pages to drive targeted traffic to pages designed to convert rather than rank

🏡 Properties:
Showcase active listings, and great examples of previous deals. Remove old or unnecessary properties and avoid listing properties you do not control.

Questions? As always, reach out to our customer service team at any time!