Crafting A Winning Marketing Plan

Marketing should be purposeful and part of a plan. Not something you do “whenever I can get to it.” Not something you think you can “outsource so someone else can handle it.” Yes, you can outsource the execution of tasks, but YOU need to own the marketing plan for your business.

Marketing Plan Generator

We’ve eliminated the guesswork of creating a marketing plan with our Marketing Plan Generator tool.

Take our short survey to find out where you struggle most with your online marketing strategy. Generate your free real estate marketing plan template and video to increase lead generation and conversion, gain momentum, and stand out in your market!

Building Your Budget

You have to invest in marketing to grow. Buying Carrot and doing nothing isn’t marketing. You’ll either invest your time, your money, or both. Carrot simply makes it all faster and better.

This calculation will help you remove emotion from your marketing budget (Math over Emotion) so you won’t stop your marketing before it has a chance to prove itself. Stopping your marketing before math says you should is the biggest cause of failure with investors and agents outside of plain ol’ limiting beliefs or procrastination.

Budget = Max cost per deal / lead

Write those numbers down and put them on your wall. Do not stop your marketing before math says you should!