How To Comply With 10DLC/TCR Regulations


To ensure compliance with TCR (Trust, Compliance, and Registration) and 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) regulations, it is essential for websites to implement certain consent and disclosure mechanisms when collecting contact information for text message marketing. This guide outlines the steps necessary to achieve TCR/10DLC compliance for websites*.

Preface: Consider Impact on Conversion Rates

Understand that implementing consent fields may decrease conversion rates. Evaluate how important text messaging is to your overall strategy and make an informed decision regarding their use.

Step 1: Requirement Assessment

This guide will walk you through the process of incorporating a consent checkbox into your website’s form.

  • Step One Form: If your website collects phone numbers, follow step 2 of this tutorial to implement pre-built TCR/10DLC compliant checkboxes to your form.
  • Step Two Form: If your initial form does not request a phone number, the opt-in consent checkbox is not required until the user progresses to a step that involves providing their phone number. If a phone number is collected on step 2 and not on step 1, follow step 2 of this tutorial to implement pre-built TCR/10DLC compliant checkboxes to your form.
    Note: If no phone number is collected on either form, then no consent checkboxes are necessary in order to comply.

Step 2: Adding Consent Checkboxes To Your Forms

  • First, go to Site Dashboard > Content > Forms, and click on your Home Page’s form’s “Form Settings”. Here is an example of going to the Home Page’s form on a motivated seller template
  • Then, you can enable both the SMS Consent Field and the Privacy Policy Consent Field beneath the Form’s Description. Both are necessary to fully comply with TCR/10DLC’s guidelines.

Example Preview

Front-end view of what this will look like on your site
Back-end view of what a lead will look like when submitted on your site after Consent is added

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*This is built upon our knowledge of the current regulations and doesn’t ensure the approval of your brand or messaging campaign. Please remember to consult your messaging provider for any potential additional requirements they might have.