Start Here | Building A Business With Consistent Profits

In your first year at Carrot, our focus is to help you build more consistent leads and profits. When you have consistency, you can buy back your time and move towards a business of freedom and true impact.

The Entrepreneur Freedom Formula

As you’ll see, everything we do at Carrot is built to help you gain more freedom and make more impact in business and life. So the foundation of your marketing at Carrot is built on Evergreen Marketing – marketing that we do once and works for years (not weeks or days). Once you can get off of the Marketing Hamsterwheel (activity without end in sight), it frees you up to grow the business that gives you energy and fuels your life. So dive into this section. We’ll help you craft a winning strategy, then build out the foundation of your Evergreen Marketing machine with your Lead Generation Hub, increase your rankings in Google, then add leverage to your business with paid ads and better systems.

Once you’ve created your Vision and nailed this first phase of your journey through the Entrepreneur Freedom Formula, then you’ll have consistent leads and profits. After this, your next step to look forward to is to invest in buying back your energy and time. Now let’s dive in!