Attaching A Custom Domain On A Landing Page

We get this question quite a bit from our members.

“Can I attach a specific domain to a Landing Page on one of my Carrot websites?”

The answer is yes and no.

By default on Carrot you can attach 1 domain to each stand alone website in your account.

So if you have a cash buyer website, you can attach 1 domain to that website… and all pages (including Landing Pages) are pages within that domain.

If your domain is … a Landing Page on that website may look like this:

An Effective And Simple Workaround

If you want a Landing Page to be on it’s own domain, no problem! Here is a very simple work around to make your Landing Page the home page of your website.

1. Go To “Dashboard”, then “Design”




2. Select The “Home Page” Option

Screenshot on 7.20.2016 at 4.10.04 PM


3. Under “Front Page” Choose The Landing Page You Want To Be The Home Page Of That Website

front page

4. Save Changes

After you save the changes, whatever page you selected above will now be the home page on your website.

What Will Happen?

After you do this, the Landing Page you selected will now be the home page of that particular website and domain.

So, as an example… if you already have a cash buyer website up with Carrot… and you just want a separate Landing Page up on it’s own URL for… lets say a free report for cash buyers that you want to market on Craigslist… then you would simply just setup another website within your Carrot account and attach that domain to that new website (if you’ve already used up all of the websites on your plan you can always add another website for a small upgrade. See our support for more info on that. We can get you upgraded quickly and easily).  Create the Landing Page you want to be the home page, go through the steps above and you’re good to go!

Now, you can get really advanced with this strategy if you want to… but by default after someone opts into that Landing Page it’ll take them to our famous Step 2 form to further qualify the lead… and into the full website. You can edit all of these settings though if you want. Connect with us on support if you want to do something specific but aren’t sure how.