Location-Legacy Pages: Using for Niche Buyer Markets

For buyer leads, we recommend creating multiple niche pages that are optimized for buyers searching for homes in specific areas or with specific features. Niches can be location-based (community, school district, etc.), feature-based (waterfront, golf course access, etc.), or situation-based (relocating, first-time homebuyer, etc.). This tutorial will expand upon this How to Create a Location Page tutorial by guiding you through the process of positioning Location Pages for niche market use. We will be operating out of the main Dashboard area of your Carrot site for this!

Step 1 – Choosing a niche market

(Each MLS is different in how they enable us to sort listings. It all depends on the contract they make with iHomefinder and may differ from the full sorting potential you have on your Brokerage page. If you aren’t sure about a niche you are thinking about, reach out to Carrot’s support team and we will check if we can sort listings by that criteria.)


Each Market is unique and you know yours the best! What is selling quickly in the area? What home features or neighborhoods are your clients asking you about often? Start off by creating a list of the potential Niches based on what you already know about your unique market.

  • New Construction
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • Specific school districts
  • Set price ranges in a certain area.
  • etc.

Now think about what folks might be searching for in a google search bar. Jot down the phrases next to the niches on your list and add more as you think of them.

  • “Homes for sale in x school district”
  • “Homes in x neighborhood under $400,000”
  • “Homes with property in x city”
  • etc.

Keyword Research

Once you have your list and potential phrases that a client may enter in a search bar, now it’s time to dial in to see what will get the most traffic to your site.

Use Carrot’s Keyword explorer to test out the phrases on your list. You are aiming for the highest volume key phrases. Look down the list of related keywords that also have high volume and jot those beside the original phrases you searched for. You will want to include several related key phrases in your content when you create the page. Here is an example of the related keywords that came up for our generic search of “Homes with a pool”:

Choose the top Niche markets you want to target and get rolling on those Location pages!

Step 2 – Create the niche market page

Once you’ve decided on your niche & location pages, we’re ready to make your first page.

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to Content > Properties > Locations-Legacy. Then, click on the Add New button in the top right corner of this page. Shown below:

Step 3 – Write the location page information

As you create these pages, be sure to make their content unique and specific to the niche 🙂

  1. Write out the Location Page information. The title should be the niche market keyword that you are targeting; by default, it will become the end of your URL. The example below reads “Golf Course Access Homes”

    Insert a couple of paragraphs headlining the most enticing features of your niche market, for example, the history of the area, education about why it’s valuable, and recreational activities. You can build this section out as you would any page using blocks. Showcase your knowledge of the area and why you’d be the best agent to help find a home in the area.

  1. Set a Featured Image. To do this, click on the Featured Image drop-down tab in the toolbar on the right-hand side. Then, click “Set Featured Image”. Shown below:

Step 4 – Add a Form & Google Maps Location

  1. Towards the bottom of your editing page, click on the “Location Options” drop-down tab. Then, select a form for leads to fill out using the form select field that appears.

    Finally, type in an area that makes sense for your niche market, if applicable. Example: “Downtown San Diego” or “New Smyrna Beach”. If not applicable, leave this map field blank!

Step 5 – Add an image gallery to promote the niche market! (optional)

  1. Add a “Gallery” block to the page using the Block Editor.

  1. Upload and select images for the Gallery that show off highlights of this particular niche!

Using this tutorial, you can create markets that appeal to buyers in unique situations or seeking specific features. If you have a question about this that wasn’t answered in this tutorial, contact our Live Support team or continue your learning journey here in the Help Center!

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