How to Update Navigation Menus

This tutorial will teach you how to edit and add navigational menus so your visitors can find information on your site.

Step 1: Click “Dashboard” from your account

Step 2: Go to “Design”

Step 3: Go to “Menus”

Menus and Menu Locations

You’ll see two separate sections after click the “Menus” option. There’s “Menus” and “Menu Locations.”

Menus allows you to update every option on a specific menu. You can see the location for each Menu in parenthesis below the menu title.

Menu Locations allows you to set the location for a Menu. You can choose the Menu Locations option to select a menu for that location. There are 3 locations by default.

Menu Location Options

Footer Menu is the menu at the very bottom of all the pages on your website.
Top Menu is the menu you see at the very top of your website, just above the phone number for most designs.
Primary Menu is the menu you see directly above or below the hero image of each site, depending on the site’s design. It’s the most prominent menu on the website and will be the “menu” displayed on mobile devices.

Adding Items to Your Menus

Click the menu title and then the “Add Items” button

Choose your item to add to your menu. The most common choice is “Pages,” which will open by default. You can add any item to your menu, including:

  • Custom Links (insert your own URL)
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Landing pages
  • Properties
  • Locations
  • Categories
  • Tags

Removing Items from Your Menu

You can remove an item by clicking the arrow to open more settings for that item. There is a “Remove” link that will allow you to delete an item from the menu.

Renaming Items on Your Menu

You can rename an item by clicking the arrow to open more settings for that item. The “Navigation Label” is the box to insert the new title to the item. For example, if you are adding the Testimonials page but you want to have “reviews” on your menu, you’ll type “reviews” into the Navigation Label box. This will not change the SEO Title of the page.

How to Delete a Menu

You can delete a menu by clicking the menu title to open options for the menu. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the red link to “Delete Menu.”

How to Select a Menu for a Menu Location

Once you have your menu updated as you’d like it, you can set the menu location directly below the items. Click the box for the Menu Location you want.

If you would like to make an update and are not finding the option on this tutorial, let us know with a thumbs up/down rating and reach out to us via chat or email. Thanks!