Supported Browsers

With privacy and functionality being the focal point of modern web-browsing, there are now more web-browsers than ever before. It can be hard to chose any one browser to serve all your needs on the internet, and you may be wondering which browser is the best to use for editing and managing your Carrot site.

Let’s dive into that below!

Carrot requires an up-to-date web browser to work on your sites, and supports the latest two versions of all major browsers. Supported browsers include:

Our sites may not look or behave as expected on unsupported browsers, and the application in which you edit your site may encounter bugs on unsupported browsers. If you experience problems and are using a browser not covered by our support policy, we recommend that you switch browsers.

If you are using one of the supported browsers above and are experiencing problems, please make sure your browser is fully updated, clear your browser cache and try again.

If your browser is supported, updated, the cache has been cleared and you continue to experience problems, please reach out to our Customer Experience team!

We do not support making changes to your site for issues encountered in unsupported browsers.