Uploading Your Logo

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add your logo to your Carrot site. If you don’t have a logo yet… no worries! This tutorial will still help you update the default text logo for your site. Or you can check out the learn more section below for some awesome resources to help you get a logo for your business.

There are several reasons adding a logo to your site should be a top priority to configuring your site.

  • Increased conversion rates.
  • It makes you look more professional and credible as a business.
  • Having a logo helps differentiate your site from other investor websites.

Let’s do it!

What you’ll need:

Your logo!

Below are a few suggestions and requirements for your logo.

  • File types accepted:
    • SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF
    • Max file size for the logo is 8 MB
  • Logo dimensions:
    • There isn’t really a set size your logo must be as some will be more square and some will be more rectangular.
    • The ideal size is approximately 400 px wide x 140 px tall.
    • However, the most important thing is to make sure it isn’t too big. Probably shouldn’t be wider than 400px.
  • White space
    • Before uploading your logo you should crop out as much white space as you can.
    • If you need help with that, reach out to us and we can show you how to do that.

Additional note – logo vs. title & tagline

Before uploading your logo you’ll notice your site title and tagline are shown. After you upload your logo, your logo will replace the tagline and title.

If you want to incorporate both, we definitely suggest adding a tagline to the logo itself.

The Tutorial:

Step 1: Go To Your Site Dashboard

Step 2: Go To The Design Tab

Step 3: Click on Branding

Step 4: Click on Select Image and Find your Image File

Step 5: Click to use the image as your logo.

logo tut6

Step 6: Save your changes

Learn More:

Don’t have a logo yet? Below are a few places you can design a logo or have someone design it for you. Alternatively, you can search for logo design on google.

Do It Yourself

A lot of these have done for your options, but you can do it yourself as well.

Done For You