Planning Your Next 90 Days

No matter what stage of your business you’re in, you need a plan. It doesn’t need to be super complicated, but we always suggest you write it out…

  • What you want to accomplish
  • How you are going to accomplish it
  • How will you know if you’ve accomplished it.

This 90 day plan is going to be different for everyone. All of you are in different places in your business and will be looking to accomplish different goals with different marketing strategies.

We recommend breaking your 90 day plan into 12 weeks, then choosing 2-4 things you want to accomplish that week.

Below are a few examples of how those 90 day plans could look.

  • I’m a novice investor without a budget and need to close my first deal.
    • This is just one potential strategy to get your first deal, but it will allow you to learn how to talk on the phone, how to determine property value, how to present an offer, etc.
    • Having a solid website is extremely important no matter what type of marketing you are doing.
    • Once you’ve done a deal or two then you’ll definitely get the energy going to work on a long term strategy like SEO and google Adwords to your site.
  • I’m committed to getting on page one of google.
    • This 90 day plan will give you an idea of action items you can do over the next couple months to build a solid foundation for your SEO.
    • Once you get up to page one and the top 5 spots, y
  • I’m a pro investor and need to solidify my online presence – coming soon

Once you’ve created yours – fill out your calendar with your plan for moving forward with your business.

I’ve created a few potential 90 day goals with potential plans for accomplishing those.

Now it’s your turn!

Create Your 90 Day Plan

Step 1 – Download the worksheet

Step 2 – Choose your primary focus or main focuses

  • Close my first deal
  • Create a solid SEO foundation
  • Start an Adwords campaign
  • Hire an SEO consultant
  • Hire an assistant

Step 3 – List all actions

  • Get out a separate sheet of paper and list out all the actions needed to achieve your goals over the next 90 days.
  • Think about all the physical actions you’d need to take to accomplish them

Step 4 –  Place the action items within the weeks

  • Divy up the actions chronologically into the weeks
  • Don’t try to overload yourself on a weekly basis
  • Remember some actions are recurring

Step 5 –  Schedule out your actions

  • Go through and schedule out the time required to accomplish the action items

Step 6 – Follow through on your plan

  • Commit to these next 90 days to really get your business moving in the right direction