Carrot Guide

Guide: What to Expect When Getting Started
Just like with farming, we’ll start with getting your soil (Website) right, then on to planting great seeds for your harvest.This introduction video will show you the navigation of the site, what to look for, and some examples of what sites can look like once you are finished with the Guide.

See phases 1 & 2 below!

icon_plant_120Phase 1 – Make Your Site Standout
Showcase Your Credibility & Expertise

Let’s focus on how you can make your site stand out in the market. This will visually set you apart and build your rapport. Do this within 10 days of launching the site.

Click here to start Phase 1: Personalize Your Site →

icon_plant_120Phase 2 – Get Leads & Build Momentum
Get Leads Now and Grow Momentum Long-Term

Next it’s time to plant seeds and get leads coming in! Learn how to expand your site’s reach through SEO, paid traffic, and conversational marketing.