Driving Traffic With Facebook

Phase 2: Using Facebook To Get Deals Faster

What does it take to get leads through Facebook?

If you want to get a quick understanding of how to get started with Facebook take a look at our article –

Real Estate Facebook Ads | The Why and How of Getting Leads 

Strategy One – Retargeting

When you’re getting started with facebook, the first strategy we like to teach is retargeting. Here’s the idea behind it.

1. Someone visits your site –

Someone will come to your website and they may or may not opt in or call you on their first visit. In fact, the majority of people won’t opt in or call.

So how do we follow up with these people?

There’s a really cool feature with facebook where we can actually serve up ads to people who have visited our website before.

2. Someone visits facebook –

So that visitor will then go to facebook and will be scrolling around and your ad will show up for them.

We have a Facebook Retargeting Ad Framework that we like to follow.

Ad #1 – Direct Ask Ad

Ad #2 – Testimonial Ad – (Largest Objection)

Ad #3 – Testimonial Ad – (2nd Largest Objection)

Ad #4 – Objection Busting Content Ad – (Video or article)

Use retargeting to squash objections + build credibility + call to action

3. See’s Your Ad

Once they see one of these ads it will direct them back to your site where they will have a higher probability of submitting the form and calling you back.

Strategy Two – Audience Building

We generally recommend people start with retargeting first. However, if you’re doing something like cold calling or direct mail, you can upload that list and facebook will attempt to create an audience based on matching information.

1. Create a list –

Whether this is a list of absentee owners, vacant property owners, etc..

2. Upload list to facebook –

Once you have the list you’ll upload it to facebook and create an audience in facebook.

3. Deliver ads –

You’ll use the same framework of ads as mentioned above and expanded on in the video.

4. Someone visits your site –

Then hopefully when they see your ad they’ll visit your site and submit their information.

This again is just an extremely high level view of one of the strategies for advertising on facebook.

I’m Ready – How do I get started?


Probably the quickest way to get started would be to go through our advanced training

Facebook Leads Masterclass

  • Includes a monthly coaching call with our expert to review your ads.
  • Step-by-step modules to walk you through the process of implementing the strategies listed above.
  • Ad templates and strategy guides

You can also check out our free resources on our Carrot Blog

Where you’ll find podcasts and articles to help you get started with Facebook Advertising.


Take advantage of the tools you have available with your site.

Put your facebook pixel on your website.

Use our campaign link tracking tools – (Content Pro & Advanced Marketer Members)

Those links are so valuable because they can show you which ads are performing the best and which ones aren’t so that you can adjust your ads and spending to get the biggest bang for your buck.


Make sure and jump on our weekly coaching call.  Every Tuesday at 11am Pacific Time. – (For Content Pro & Advanced Marketing Members)

Where we jump in go over marketing strategies and answer any questions you might have about your campaigns or general business strategies.

Done For You

You can also reach out to one of our third party provider in the marketplace if you’d like to have your facebook advertising completely managed for you.