Intro to Facebook Marketing

Why Facebook?

Facebook Marketing is one of the cheaper but more effective ways to find motivated sellers & that’s why we are going to help guide you on how best to use it with your Carrot website. With the ability to use multiple media types, placements & targeting methods, Facebook offers Real Estate Investors multiple ways to grow their business.

Traditionally, Facebook marketing grew in popularity due to its ability to boost a business’s brand awareness & organically increase a follower base. Although brand awareness may still be a strong bonus that Facebook offers, it has grown into a lead generation powerhouse.

The 3 Strategies REI Pros Use To Find Motivated Sellers

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Broad Lead Generation/Conversions (Outbound Leads)
  3. Retargeting (Inbound Leads)

Brand Awareness

The benefits of brand awareness may not be as easily trackable. Still, with around 70% of adults using a Facebook platform, you can grow a strong following quickly that, if cultivated correctly, can help increase the number of people who know you in the area you farm. This is often referred to as the celebrity effect. The celebrity effect can help influence multiple marketing channels and increase conversion rates across the board, as well as give you the social proof that you are a legitimate business that people are looking for before engaging in business with you.

Broad Lead Generation/Conversion (Outbound Leads)

Outbound leads are generally found through Lead Generation strategies that include targeting Facebook interests, look-a-like audiences & broad geographical locations. Even though these can all lead to motivated leads, they are considered outbound leads because a message is being placed in front of someone who may not be actively searching for the solution being offered. One broad lead generation strategy many investors like to use Facebook for is to target lists they have purchased for direct mail, cold calling, and texting to increase both brand awareness and marketing effectiveness and even convert these same leads online.

Retargeting (Inbound Leaders)

Lastly, Facebook Retargeting is one of the most important and powerful tools Real Estate professionals can use because of its ability to generate inbound leads that have already interacted with you on your website or other ads & have shown you they are interested in what you have to offer. If there is one thing to take away from this tool, it is Facebook can take advantage of marketing dollars already spent on other platforms such as your website, Google Ads, or SEO. It does this by tracking people who go to your website with a Facebook Pixel (tracking code). To learn more about how to set up your Facebook Ads & in particular, your Retargeting ads, continue reading below.

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