Leveraging video to create SEO optimize content articles is an effective way to enhance your real estate brand along with creating traffic to your Carrot website

What you’ll need:

  1. Video camera or smart phone to record your video
  2. Youtube Account

Step 1: Identify your topic

Some ideas on what topic to choose are: what do you specialize in as an investor or agent e.g probate, beach homes.

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Step 2: Keyword Research

Once you chose your topic, its time to choose the keywords we want to build the content around. Need some help? Check out Agent keywords here.

  1. Write out your topic
  2. Review your content and find parts of the content to insert your keywords.  Note: It’s very important that your content still reads natural and provides a great user experience
  3. Use your content to follow when recording your video

Step 3: Record Your Video

It’s important to write out your content and that the content will contain the targeted keywords you want to rank for.  This will guide you as you record your video but its recommended to keep it as natural as possible. People engage with content they feel is for “them” and is natural.

Step 4: Upload Recorded Video To Your YouTube Account

Note: We teach in the 3 lead per day training on how to leverage Youtube marketing

  1. Name your raw video file with your keyword
  2. Upload your video to your account
  3. Keep your video in private while you are working on it!
  4. Copy and paste the content you wrote up from STEP 2
  5. Change/edit up the content at least 20% to make the content unique
  6. Place your keyword in the title, in the first paragraph of your content, and end of your post. Utilize tags with similar keywords to your primary keywords
  7. Put your blog post URL in your description so the video serves as a backlink
  8. Make the video LIVE by moving it from Private to Public.

Step 5: Transcribe Your Video

You want to transcribe the audio of the video into content for your site. You can do this within your team, hire a company, or use the VideoPost transcription service for Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members. Follow this tutorial if you would like to use that service for step 5.

Step 6: Share Your Blog Post On Social Media

Make sure you promote both your blog post URL and the Youtube video on your social media account. This will create momentum for your blog post and create some social signals.