Intermediate / Part Time Investor

Are You A Part-Time Investor, Still Have A Day Job But Want To Go Full-Time?


This is a very exciting place to be in. You definitely still have your challenges; however, you understand the process.

But, you still want to get over the hurdle and feel comfortable doing this full time. Here are some of the key challenges you may be facing.

  • Not sure if those first few deals were a fluke.
  • You want more consistency in your lead generation.
  • “Not enough time.”
  • Budget is tight.
  • Possibly don’t have a strong enough foundation on your marketing to really be full-time.


Gain consistency in your lead generation so you can predictably close more deals. Get to a deal a month possibly so you can go full time!

Probable Strategies:

Still Limited Funds (under $1000 a month)

  • Set up an SEO plan to improve in the rankings over the course of the year.

Moderate Funds (3 months of $1000)

Solid Budget (3 months of $2500 or more)

  • Outsource your ad management
  • Start a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Hire an SEO consultant to manage your rankings