Your Site Within Your Overall Marketing Plan

Phase 2: How Your Website Fits In Your Marketing Plan

How does your Carrot site fit into your overall marketing strategy?

These days the foundation of your marketing is your website. It’s no different with real estate investing.

Every component of your marketing, whether it’s direct mail, cold calling, google adwords, word of mouth, etc should either lead directly to a conversion or to your website to learn more information.

So if you’re a new investor and plan to do cold calling to get your first deals, having a website where you can direct people to learn more can be a big component of your marketing. And if you don’t have a credible or trustworthy site, you could be losing a lot potential deals who want to learn more.

Even if you aren’t directing people to your site, people will try to find you online! People are taking their cell phones out and researching you whether you directly tell them to or not. So no matter what type of marketing your doing, most people these days are going to research, vet and review you before doing business with you. And essentially all of that research is done online.

The second most visited page on sites with Carrot is the “Our Company / About Us” page. Which indicates to us that visitors do want to learn more about who they’re doing business with.

You never want the lack of credibility on your website to be the reason that someone doesn’t do business with you.

Think about sending out 1000s of postcards and before half of the potential leads calls back they check out your site to learn more about you. If you have a site that doesn’t perform well or provide solid credibility for your business and introduce who you are / why they should work with you, you could be losing out on deals!

In Conclusion
Make sure you feel confident with your site and the credibility or lack of credibility it can create in your leads mind.

If you feel like you need to jump back to phase one and spend a little more time building up your credibility – Check Out Phase One Here

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