Building Credibility

Any marketing you do creates online demand. How?

Let’s say you send out a postcard or do a cold call, most people are curious and skeptical. What do we, as humans, do? Well, often, people pick up their cell phones and search Google for anything identifiable in the marketing. Your name, your phone number you cold call from, etc. What they find online will make or break them working with you.

One lost deal could cost you $10k-$20k or more. How many leads and deals are you losing because your credibility and Authority profile online aren’t up to snuff? Probably more than you think.

First, we want to make sure our Carrot Lead Gen Hub has the right credibility elements on it.

Your bio on the About Page should be designed to sell YOU. Here’s a summary of elements to maximize that page. And here are 10 more ways to beef up the credibility of your Carrot site.

Second, as we’re adding testimonials, how they’re formatted is critical in how well they’ll help your website sell YOU.

Have you ever bought or not bought a product on Amazon because of 1 single review? Of course. We all have! Your house buyers and sellers do that too. 

Click here to learn how to format your testimonials.

Third, if you’re doing offline marketing and you use tracking phone numbers, those are a leaky bucket for you right now, costing you thousands. Add all your tracking phone numbers to the bottom of your contact page to start to rank for and control the credibility around your brand. This alone could save you tens of thousands in lost revenue.

Keep honing it as you go, continually publishing content that amplifies your credibility, adding stronger testimonials and other credibility elements to help you stand out as an expert in your market.

Now that the foundation of your credibility is pretty darn strong and you’re mapping out your evergreen content, let’s dive into improving your site’s rankings with the efforts you are making.

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