Intro | Meet Your Authority Hub

Authority Hub Overview

Being an authority in your market means you are trustworthy. And having an online authority hub is having a website that continues to build that trust, show you as an expert, and generate leads! Most websites are just an online brochure that doesn’t drive conversions of leads and closed deals. A plain old website would have a home page and some core pages. But likely not optimized well or with good trust-building content.

Core Conversion Pages

All default pages are geared to guide people through a specific set of content in a specific order to answer questions, squash objections, and convert a visitor into a lead and deal.

Purpose: These are default pages on your site that have been designed and tested to convert visitors into leads and deals.

Pages: Home page, How It Works page, About page, Reviews page.

Management frequency level: You create these one-time but then update them as needed and information changes.

Location & Niche Pages

Purpose: To attract new prospects who are searching for localized phrases.

Pages: Your site is set up for a default market. Any other location pages are built out after the site is launched. Why are there two types of pages? Because there are different ways to attract leads, depending on what part of the buying and selling process they are in.

Management frequency: Ideally, add 5-10 per quarter.

Authority Content

Purpose: To build ongoing trust, credibility, and authority through small but hyper-focused content.

What does this include: Blog posts, VideoPosts, Testimonials, Company bio, etc. These may be market updates, answering common questions, talking about your business and mission, etc.

Management frequency: Weekly. Ideally, 1 blog post per week and 1 VideoPost.

Now that we’ve talked about the logistics of the site, how it’s designed, and given a tour, let’s dive into how you can personalize your site so that it amplifies your brand. Then, we’ll guide you through how to amplify your Lead Generation Hub.

Want to see some examples before you get started? Here’s a list of sites from members crushing it in their market: