The Ideal “How It Works” Page


Having a well-crafted “How It Works” page is key to ensuring that you’re providing a smooth & easy process for your clients.

Getting your “How It Works” page to rank is not something you really need to worry about. The key here to converting the site visitor to a lead after you’ve clearly explained your process.

Formatting Your “How It Works” Page

  1. Always ensure you have a strong heading (H1) at the top of this page. It should say something like “How Our Process Works”.
  2. Clearly outline the steps you/your team go through when you help a client.
  3. Consider adding an opt-in form after Step #1 (“Call or fill out our form…)
  4. Always include a form at the bottom of your “How It Works” page as well.

Bonus Elements

As a bonus element, consider adding a section to your “How It Works” page where you explain your offer/home-buying process in detail. Highlight the way you evaluate repair costs, what the seller can expect during the appointment, etc. This will go a long way to help bring transparency and differentiation to your home-buying process.

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