Core Site Information

Shortcodes & How They Work

When you launch your site, Carrot automatically personalizes your site with several pieces of information you have already provided in the activation process.

To do this we use shortcodes. When editing your site, you’ll come across content in brackets like this… [shortcode]

These brackets are replaced with key information automatically across the entire site with information you provided such as target city, target state, company name, company phone number, etc.

This allows us to launch a partially personalized site for you out of the box.

You can find the key information you entered in your site’s dashboard settings. 

Click here to confirm your site’s information

It is important we get this right! Getting started we don’t recommend deleting your shortcodes. This way you only have to update the info once in the settings area, and anywhere and everywhere you see that shortcode will be updated automatically on the live site. You can also easily make changes whenever your business changes by using the shortcode feature.

However, if you want more control you can delete the shortcodes and replace them with the word directly.

Also make sure to ONLY use a single city, state, and zip in these fields, otherwise, you will generate pages with bad SEO performance and a poor user experience.

ℹ️ Check out our tutorial for more information regarding shortcodes used on Carrot sites →