Done For You vs. Do It Yourself

As you get started with your Carrot site, there are several things we generally suggest you do before marketing the site or driving traffic to it.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you decide whether you want to work through those core items yourself or whether you’d prefer to have us do it for you.

What updates should be made

Phase One (Your Site) – Design

  • Choose a theme
  • Upload a logo
  • Update the colors
  • Update the homepage: change your hero image
  • Update the homepage: change the hero form
  • Learn how to update pages
  • Learn how to update images

Phase One (Your Site) – Content

  • Add your domain name
  • Add your expertise – your bio
  • Review and personalize – your voice
  • Verify your contact information
  • Personalize your auto-reply message
  • How to add properties – cash buyer sites
  • Describing your process – how it works
  • Schedule first round of content packs
  • Add city landing pages

Phase One (Your Site) – Credibility

  • Adding testimonials
  • Taking advantage of the credibility bar
  • Adding reviews/badges (BBB, Veteran, Associations, Google Reviews, etc…)

Phase One (Your Site) – Advanced Integration

  • Connect your email marketing system
  • Connect your social media account
  • Attach your google analytics

Review our “Done For You” options.

Investor Option 1The QuickStart Package

If you’re too busy or plain just don’t have the time to do those basic customizations, our QuickStart Service can help you get the quick elements ready to go on your site to help you save time and get personalized more quickly.

Agent Option 1 – The Agent Pro Bundle

Our bundled service takes all the work of setting up a high achieving website and puts it in the hands of our experienced and tech-savvy team. The Agent Pro Bundle saves you time so that you can focus on running your business.

Option 2 – Want something more?

The Concierge Setup is a much more involved process incorporating design differentiation, building credibility and customized content. It includes many things for personalizing your site and getting you off the ground and running.

The Concierge Setup is the general site setup and personalization, landing pages, customized content, strategy sessions, and our designer adding design elements to the site template for you in a way that makes you stand out from other Carrot sites in the market.

It’s something our team needs to hop on a phone to discuss prior to talking pricing and such because we want to make sure that it would be the best thing for you and your business.

Start here to see if it might be a good fit for your business: Is Concierge right for me?