Updating Form Email Notifications

You have two notifications that you will see on your default sites: “Customer Autoresponse” and “Admin Notification.”

The “Customer Autoresponse” is an email notification that goes out to your leads upon the initial opt-in. These notifications are known as autoresponders. You also have email notifications sent to you every time a lead comes in. This is the “Admin Notification.” Each of these can be updated so you control exactly what is being said.

Step 1: Click “Content” on the main account page

 Step 2: Click Forms on the Left Menu

  • Hover your mouse on the name of the form you want to edit the notifications for
  • Hover on the “Settings” link under that form
  • Click “Notifications” to go to the screen where you can add and edit the email notifications

Step 3: Edit Current Email Notifications

Click the notification you want to edit. “Customer Autoresponse” is for your leads and “Admin Notification” is the email sent to you to let you know you have a lead. All forms have an “Admin Notification” email – few have a “Customer Autoresponse.” Click the one you want to edit or click the “Add New” button to add a new notification.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will edit the “Customer Autoresponse.”

Step 4: Edit the Sender Settings

  • Name: This is the name of the autoresponse you will edit and see in the list of all other autoresponses
  • Send To: This is the email you want the notification sent to. By default, you will see “select a field” and a drop-down selected for “email.” This email is the admin email set in the site settings. Learn More on how to update that setting.
  • From Name: This is the name that will appear in the email inbox on the receiver’s end
  • From Email: This is the email that will appear in the email inbox on the receiver’s end
  • Reply To: This is the email all replies will be sent to. It is the admin email by default.
    • You can add multiple addresses in this line if you want multiple persons to be notified when a lead comes in. To do so, you’ll add a comma then space between each email address. For example: {admin email}, support@carrot.com
  • BCC: This is a way to send a private email to someone. Blind carbon copy is a person who receives an email copy but whose email address is invisible when the email is sent.

Step 5: Edit the Email Notification

  • The email has a subject line above the message
  • The message can be edited below the subject box
  • You can insert required fields into the text by clicking the small down-arrow box on the far right and choosing the field you want in the message. Any form fields that are in the message will appear with a curly cue bracket, such as {all_fields} *Please note, any optional field may not be completed by a visitor and it is possible that inserting these into your emails can make it unprofessional and broken.
  • If you see words in straight brackets, such as in the above image, then these are short codes and they are updated in your site’s settings if you want to include your overall site information within an email. Check out the Learn More section on how to update overall site settings.

Step 6: Save to Update the Autoresponder

Scroll down the page and you should see an “update notification” button on the bottom left of the update box. Click this and you’re done. The email notification is live and will be sent to all new opt-ins. Congratulations!

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