Form Notifications

Generating leads is awesome but you also need to respond quickly to have a better chance at closing the deal. Form notifications are activated by default so you receive an email, regardless of which form your lead completed.

This doc will walk you through all the steps you’ll take to add, edit, and create new notifications so you can WOW your leads with responsiveness.


Default Notifications

Email Notification Settings

Admin SMS Notifications


Default Notifications

Some forms have two default notifications: “Admin Notification” and “Customer Autoresponse” (aka Lead Notification).

The “Customer Autoresponse” is an email notification that goes out to your leads upon the initial opt-in. These notifications are known as autoresponders. The “Admin Notification” is an email notification sent to the admin email every time a lead submits a form. Every default form has an “Admin Notification” built into it.

A default notification can be updated so you control exactly what is being said. You can access your form’s notification settings from your main forms page by hovering over a form’s title and selecting Settings from the menu. You can also access the settings from a form’s editor. This 🔗link will take you to your form settings.

Once you access your form settings, you’ll see a Notifications option. Click it to review email notifications associated with a form. Here’s what you will see when reviewing the Notifications settings.

1️⃣ Switches to a different form, 2️⃣access Notifications, and 3️⃣ toggles on/off a published notification. Click the title to edit to the notification.

Email Notification Settings

Status Settings

Quickly toggle on/off the active switch to change the status of a notification.

Sender Settings

  • Name: This is the name of the autoresponse you will edit and see in the list of all other autoresponses
  • Send To: This is the email you want the notification sent to. By default, you will see “select a field” and a drop-down selected for “email.” This email is the admin email set in the site settings. Learn More on how to update that setting.
  • From Name: This is the name that will appear in the email inbox on the receiver’s end
  • From Email: This is the email that will appear in the email inbox on the receiver’s end
  • Reply To: This is the email all replies will be sent to. It is the admin email by default.
    • You can add multiple addresses in this line if you want multiple persons to be notified when a lead comes in. To do so, you’ll add a comma then space between each email address. For example: {admin email},
  • BCC: This is a way to send a private email to someone. A blind carbon copy is a person who receives an email copy but whose email address is invisible when the email is sent.

Message Settings

  • The email has a subject line above the message
  • The message can be edited below the subject box
  • You can insert required fields into the text by clicking the small down-arrow box on the far right and choosing the field you want in the message. Any form fields that are in the message will appear with a curly-cue bracket, such as {all_fields}
    • If you’re adding fields into your notification, we recommend adding context. For example, adding {last_name} might be confusing if the last name is “Todd” but adding Last Name: {last_name} to the email notification will insert their response into the email and you’ll have context with the “Last Name:” part.
  • If you see words in square brackets, such as in the above image, then these are shortcodes and they are updated in your site’s settings if you want to include your overall site information within an email. Check out the Learn More section on how to update overall site settings.

Admin SMS Notifications

Accessing SMS Notification Settings

Access your SMS notifications by going to Content > Forms > SMS Notifications. There, you’ll see a handful of forms with an inactivated status that can be toggled on/off. SMS notifications are sent to your default phone number in your site’s settings.

Note: T-Mobile and Sprint have policies in place that prevent personal data from being sent via notifications. You’ll instead receive a link within your notification that takes you to your lead in your Carrot Lead Dashboard.

Editing SMS Notification Settings

  1. Select the form to edit the SMS notification.
  2. Enter your mobile number. Leave the mobile number field blank if you are using the mobile number under your company info.
  3. (Optional) Select any form fields you want to include in the text message.
  4. Click “Save Notification.”

That’s it! Feel free to test it out on your site, and just repeat the same process for each form on that site that you would like to receive SMS alerts from.


What is my admin email?

Your admin email is the email you used when you signed up for Carrot. You can always change that in your account by following these steps.

What should I include with my lead’s email notification?

Great question! Any required field will have an answer. If you’re looking to personalize your message, using a name or address can make a big difference—especially if it’s in the subject of the email. Be sure to use the message settings to insert field data where you can ensure the message will be personalized for a great experience.

Can I add multiple email addresses to my email notifications?

Yes. Use commas to separate email addresses. It’s important to note the first email address is the one leads will always use to send a reply. All subsequent email addresses are only sent a reply if the lead chooses the “reply all” feature when sending a response.

Can I send an SMS or text response to my leads?

That would be awesome! We aren’t built out for this and would love to know if you’d like to see this as part of the product. Reach out to our Support team anytime to let us know if there’s something you’d like to see.

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