Updating Your Default Company Information

You will be asked company and market questions when setting up your main account. This information is then used as the default company information when you launch sites. Company information is dispersed on launched sites using “shortcodes” – in fancy tech-speak, this means a phrase between two brackets that tells our system when to insert another word or phrase in its place. You can update your phone number, change your market city, update your email, and much more by updating your site’s settings.

For example: The shortcode , means that anywhere it is used on your website, it’ll automatically insert your company name.  One of the most valuable shortcodes is the city you do business in, or , this is the city you see listed on your site when it’s launched. Click here for a complete list of shortcodes or scroll below to learn how you can change your site’s settings to change the details on your site.

Step 1: Access your Site’s Main Dashboard


Find the site you want to update and click the Dashboard arrow to go to the master area for that site.

Step 2: Edit the Settings to Update Your Company Info

Once you’re in your site’s dashboard – just hop on over to the second-to-last gray link on the left that reads “settings” and you can update all settings there. You’ll be able to update all information on this page including: phone number, market city, the admin email leads are sent to, and more.


 Note: Be sure to save your changes at the bottom right of the page before proceeding to the next steps!