Google Search Console Verification

1. Sign Into Google Console

Google Rebranded their webmaster tools to search console. However, the webmaster features that were discussed before are very similar.

Head over to Google Search Console and log in with your Google account.

If you don’t have a Google account you can sign up here

Now add your website to your Google Search Console account by inserting your domain and clicking ad property.


Add Your Website To Search Console – Click “Add Property” 


You will be asked to verify a piece of code on your site to prove you are the owner of it. There are a few ways you can verify that you own the website… but the easiest way is usually by choosing the “HTML Tag” option under “Alternate Methods” (seen below).


Verify You Own Your Website

Verify Domain Using HTML Tag


Take the meta tag and copy/paste it into your Carrot site under the SEO tab in the Google Webmaster Tools field. See below


Verify Meta Tag on Carrot Site



Once you have verified the code correctly you will be able to see your site when you log in to Google Search Console. Just head back and click the verify button and you will see the screen below


2. Connect Google Search Console And Google Analytics

Now, we need to go back to our Google analytics and link up our Google Search Console account.

On the left sidebar go to Acquisition Tab > Search Engine Optimization and click Set Up Google Search Console Data Sharing.


Once you click you will be redirected to a page where you must scroll to the bottom, and find the “Adjust Search Console” button.



Next, click the edit button.


Choose your site and click Save



3. Access Your SEO Keyword Data!

You’ve basically done it!

Now when you go back to Acquisitions Tab > Search Console > Queries you should see many of the keywords that people are typing into Google to find your website that were hidden from Google Analytics before.