How To Use and Understand The Domain Overview Tool


The Domain Overview tool is like a handy helper for folks who have websites on Carrot. It’s here to help you understand how well your website is doing in Google search results. It gives you a quick look at some important stuff, like the words people use to find your site, how much traffic you get from those searches, how trusted your site is, and how many other websites link to yours. With this tool, you can keep an eye on how well your website is doing in Google over time.

In this article, we’ll show you what the Domain Overview tool is all about and how you can use it.

Section 1: Snapshot Overview

The Snapshot Overview provides an immediate look at your website’s performance. It includes essential data such as:

  • Organic Keywords: The total number of keywords your site ranks for in the top 100 positions in Google search results.
  • Organic Traffic: The number of weekly visitors your site receives through organic search results.
  • Authority Score: A proprietary metric from Semrush measuring your domain’s overall reputation and quality. It considers factors like backlinks, organic search traffic, and overall authenticity.
  • Total Backlinks: The number of incoming backlinks from other websites to your domain.
  • Referring Domains: The total number of domains linking back to your website.

Section 2: Historical Performance

This section displays historical data, tracking changes over time for the following metrics:

  • Organic Keywords: The historical growth in the number of keywords your domain ranks for in organic search results.
  • Organic Traffic: Changes in organic traffic to your site over time.
  • Referring Domains: Changes in the number of domains linking to your site over time.
  • Authority Score: Historical changes in your domain’s Authority Score.

Section 3: Backlink Attributes

The Backlink Attributes section provides insights into your website’s backlink profile. It includes details on link attributes and backlink types:

  • Link Attributes: Describes the nature of links to your site (follow, nofollow, sponsored, and user-generated content).
  • Backlink Types: Indicates the type of content that links to your site (text, image, frames, and forms).

Note: you can dive even deeper into your backlink data with our Backlink Analysis tool.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Domain Overview tool:

  • What are the percent change numbers based on? The numbers are calculated on a week-over-week basis.
  • How often is data pulled for this page? Data is refreshed weekly.
  • What is a good Authority Score? For most Carrot customers, an Authority Score in the low double digits (high teens to 20s) is considered solid.


The Domain Overview tool is a valuable asset for Carrot members looking to enhance their SEO strategies and track their website’s performance. It empowers users with actionable insights, historical data, and the ability to make data-driven decisions to improve their website’s visibility and rankings. With this tool, you can stay ahead of the competition and elevate your online success.

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