Improving Your Google Rankings


A vast amount of our population uses online search engines to find solutions to their problems. So why not position yourself there?! Carrot was built with both the tech stack and content optimized to work great for search engines.

The majority of Carrot members are focusing their efforts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why? SEO is one of the top marketing methods for inbound lead generation because visitors come to your site to find a solution. They are already primed and hot leads. Inbound leads (people finding you first) are the easiest to work with and have the best Return On Investment (ROI).

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The Goals of SEO

  1. Get to page 1 for keywords/phrases that your customer is using to find you
  2. Move up the page of page 1 for keywords/phrases that your customer is using to find you

Timeline for Growth & Success

A successful farmer KNOWS harvest is not overnight. They understand the process of growing plants from seeds, nurturing them with the right elements, and then the harvest comes. It’s the same for your site and SEO.

You will produce a harvest if you’re consistent and doing the right things.

Implementation: DIY or Outsource?

It’s vital to decide who’s going to implement it. Most real estate professionals fail at SEO because they are not consistent enough. We get it; working solo means you are doing it all, and it’s easy to put stuff aside… even the important stuff. It’s important to commit to this and know you have what it takes. SEO is a long-term strategy, and having what it takes has NOTHING TO DO with being techy. If you question how consistent you can be, you prefer to have someone else do it, or you don’t trust yourself, consider hiring a VA or a professional company to do it for you.

What To Do While Doing SEO

SEO takes time, and it’s a process. If you’re looking for faster options to get leads quickly, we’ll cover those in the next section. Great options are Facebook or Google Pay Per Click (PPC). But let’s be clear: you should do both SEO and paid marketing to have the best performance for your site.

Remember to be consistent with this and ensure you have time allotted for SEO during your workweek, even if it’s checking in with someone you’ve paid to help with SEO.

SEO Tools & Resources

  1. SEO Keyword Rank Tracking
  2. On-Page SEO Tool
  3. Citations and HARO
  4. Coaching Calls
  5. 3 Lead Per Day Training