[Agent] How To Create A Locations-Legacy Page

A location page is useful for anyone looking to post properties using a niche market on their site, whether this is for a specific city, school district, or something else. A locations-legacy page is designed in a way for you to easily build the page in a way that allows you to rank for that niche, add properties in that niche, and make the page aesthetically appealing.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Click “Content” on the site to add landing pages

Step 2: Select Content > Properties > Locations-Legacy

Step 3: Add a New Locations-Legacy Page

Click the orange button “Add New” on the top right of the screen.

Step 4: Write The Locations-Legacy Page Information

The title should be keyword you are targeting; by default it will become the ending of your URL. The example below read “Downtown San Antonio Houses for Sale.”

Insert a couple of paragraphs with headlines about the key features of your niche, for example history, education, activities, and demographics. You can build this section out as you would any page using blocks. Check out this tutorial to learn more about the function of blocks.

Pick a featured image (set on the right) that represents the niche well. This will be shown on the top of the page and as the image on the /location page that lists all of your location niches.

Pick a form that you want leads to fill out.

Add the location to have a Google Map appear on the page.

Add a gallery of images that promote the niche (don’t add your properties here, we will get to that shortly)

Are you more of a hands-off person? Check out our in house service for Location Specific Landing Page!

Step 5: Choose Properties To Link to Your Locations

After you have created a location you can go into your properties and tell that property to be associated with your newly created location. To do that simply visit your properties in your dashboard.

Step 6: Select A Specific Property’s Location

Your Locations Will Be Nicely Put Into A Grid

Each Location Page Will Look Like This

Notice that your featured properties are automatically shown at the bottom of this page.

That’s it! You have successfully added your locations page.

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