Create SMS Notifications for New Leads

You can send a text message response to you or someone on your team as soon as a lead comes in. This is helpful if you find you are not reviewing emails regularly or you just want to add a new notification method to ensure you see when someone pops in. This tutorial will walk you through how you can activate your text messages on the site.

Once your SMS notification is set, you will get notified immediately of new form submissions, so you can get in touch with your potential client as quickly as possible. Let’s dive in below.

Step 1: Login and Click “Content” 


Step 2: Click Forms, Then SMS Notifications


Step 3: Click “Add New”


Step 4: Choose Your Notification Settings

  1. Select the form to receive notifications of leads from
  2. Enter your mobile number, if it’s not the same phone number as on your company info.
  3. (Optional) Select any form fields you want to include in the text message
  4. Click “Save Notification”

That’s it! Feel free to test it out on your site, and just repeat the same process for each form on that site that you would like to receive SMS alerts from.