Driving Traffic With Google Adwords

Phase 2: Using PPC To Get Deals Faster

If you are looking to generate immediate traffic and leads from your site. Probably the most effective avenue is through Google Adwords.

This isn’t something you can just lightly jump into though and get results.

Adwords is a beast. The sheer volume of settings and options available can be overwhelming without the proper guidance and structure.

What does it take to get leads through Adwords?

Adwords isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you can really dial in a campaign and have faith in your numbers, the sky’s the limit with what you can do.

The very first number you need to look at is your Cost Per Lead.

Cost Per Lead –

If you really want to dive in and get a full understanding of this, we have a great post on how to calculate this here → How to calculate your max cost per lead.

But ….

For those who want to get the very basics. It goes something like this….

  • You first determine your Average Profit Per Deal (APD) – Let’s say $10,000
  • You next need to figure out how many leads do I need to close one deal (LPD) – Let’s say 10 leads. (The average for Adwords is probably 10 – 15)
  • Next you need to decide. How much are you willing to trade to get a $10,000 deal?
    • Is it $1000 (This might be a bit too optimistic)
    • Is it $2500 (This is probably just right)
    • Is it $5000 – (This might be a bit too risky)

So… based on those numbers.

For a $10,000 deal you’d be willing to spend $250 per lead, knowing you could close 1 out of 10 leads.

So you max cost per lead is $250.

Why does this matter in regards to Google Adwords?

It matters because you need to understand what you’re up against and what people are willing to spend to get one deal.

How much should I have to start?

We generally don’t recommend starting with Google Adwords unless you have at least $1,000 per month for three months.

That’s a scary number for a lot of new investors. And it’s scary because it’s still money you are putting at risk.

If you’ve never done a deal before and don’t know the process of closing a deal, will you know what to do once that leads come through? will you be able to close that 1 out of 10 leads?

Those are questions you need to ask yourself.

I’m Ready – How do I get started?

You’ve got the budget!

You’ve got the max cost per lead mindset!

Now what?

Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account

Do it yourself –

You’ll need to set up your google Adwords account.

If you’re brand new to the world of google Adwords and you truly want to do this yourself. I would recommend doing a lot of research and education first.

One of the first places you can get started is with our Guide To Google Adwords

Assisted setup –

If you don’t want to spend the time learning all the nuances but want a solid foundation for your adwords account.

We have a Carrot Adwords Quickstart where we’ll jump in and get you started.

We don’t actively manage any Adwords account but would be happy to help you get started

Reach out to support to see if you might be a fit for our Adwords Quickstart.

Done For You –

We’ve created an article to help guide you through the process of outsourcing your online marketing here.

Before reaching out to any providers I would definitely read through that article to get an idea of how pricing works, and what to look for from a provider.

You can also reach out to one of our third party provider in the marketplace if you’d like to have your Adwords completely managed for you by one of our vetted providers.