Add an IDX Feed to Your Page

This tutorial will walk you through placing an IDX feed on a page of your Carrot site! This will be a relatively short process. This will allow properties from the MLS to be seen by visitors.

Step 1 – Adding IDX by placing a Classic Block

  1. While editing a page on your website, place a Classic Block onto it. This can be done by clicking the ” + ” icon or by typing “/classic” onto the page, as shown below:

  1. With the Classic Block placed on the page, click on the tiny house icon to open up the IDX selection menu.

Step 2 – Placing your IDX Feed

  1. Click on Listing Gallery > Search and then fill out the requested information to your liking. This information will determine what kind of properties will appear and from where the properties in the IDX Feed will be:

By editing the fields shown below, you have the ability to determine what features the properties in this feed will include, as well as the price range that will display:

  1. Finally, at the bottom of the list, you will see the “Insert” button. Click this when you are ready to place the IDX Feed on your page:

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