How To Use The Credibility Bar


The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you what you can do with the Credibility Bar on your site and why it’s important to take advantage of this key area.

There are several options available on the credibility bar and Trevor put together a great video on how to use it and why it’s important.

Watch the video below.

Using A Credibility Bar To Boost Online Conversion Rate with Carrot

What you’ll need:

If you’ll be adding images or “badges” to your credibility bar. You will need to have those available to upload to your site if you haven’t already.

If you’re adding a testimonial you need to have added a testimonial to your site. Click here to learn how to add a testimonial.

The Tutorial: Part 1 – Adding Images To The Credibility Bar

Step 1 – Click “Add to Gallery”

Step 2: Choose the credibility images you would like feature

Your images are now in the image box:

Here is a preview of how your images will look:

Step 3: Click “Update” or “Publish”

Part 2 – Adding A Testimonial To The Credibility Bar

Step 1: Click the testimonial drop down menu

Step 2: Choose which testimonial you’d like to use.

Pick one that is extra powerful but not necessarily too long.

Here is a preview of what a Testimonial will look like:

Step 3: Click “Update” or “Publish”

Part 3 – Adding A Header To The Credibility Bar

You also have the option of adding a header to both your images and testimonials.

Step 1: Choose a title that fits

For example, for testimonials, “What Our Clients Say…”

Example for adding a header title:

Step 2: Click “Update” or “Publish”

Learn More:

Here’s some more information on why it’s important to enhance your credibility on your Carrot site.