How to Delete a Site

We totally understand there are circumstances where it makes the most sense to delete a site: such as switching to a new site style. The steps below will walk you through how to delete a site from your account. If you are deleting a site because you want to downgrade, you will also need to change your membership details here. Let’s dive in!

This tutorial is going show you how to delete a site from your account.


Step #1: Login to the Dashboard of the site you want to DELETE

Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.35.39


Step #2: Go to your site’s “settings” 


Step #3: Choose DELETE Site

Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.41.07

Final Step: Type DELETE into the box and click “Delete site”

Once you have clicked the confirmation button, your site will have been deleted and you can create another, even better one!