Editing and Resizing Images

A note about image sizes

When you upload an image to your Carrot websites there are a few considerations to take to make sure you are getting the best performance out of your image.

Do name your images something meaningful

Don’t upload images above 8MB

Don’t upload images less than 1200px for hero images as they will come out grainy.

If you have questions about why and how to do some of these steps just email us.

If you have images that need basic editing like resizing or cropping… you can do those directly inside of your Carrot account. Snazzy eh?

To edit an image (for example: If your logo is too big and you want to shrink it down so it fits on your website better) simple follow these quick steps below.

Step 1. Upload your image

Step 2: Find the image in the “Media” tab, select it, and click “Edit”

Step 3:  Scale the image or crop it to the way you want it

  • Click Edit to open the edit tools.
  • Drag a box around the image to remove the white space around the image.  This will also open the Cropping tools
  • Once you have the area you want cropped, hit the crop tool on the upper left!!
  • You can also rotate, or invert!!

Step 4: Save your changes and click “Update” to complete