How To Add An AdWords Conversion Tag To Your Website

How To Install The New AdWords Conversion Tracking Tag
  1. Log into your AdWords account
  2. Find the wrench icon in the top right corner of the screen and click on Conversions. It’s going to take you to a different page called conversion actions. You’ll get a blue plus and then you’ll want to track your sales, so your website. You can name it whatever you’d like. Typically a good name is AdWords leads.
  3. Set the Category.  Set it to “lead.”
  4. You’ll want to count just one conversion. If you count every, it will over-record your AdWords leads within the account. And, set the conversion window to 30 days.
  5. Set your View Through Conversions to 30 days. This will track and record anyone who has clicked on an ad and then within 30 days come back to your website and opted in.
  6. Choose either “last click” or “linear” attribution.
  7. Create and continue.

Pasting the Conversion Tag on Your Website

This is the global tag. You need to copy all of the code snippet. Now you’ll need to go to your Carrot site and within the dashboard over on the bottom left-hand side are your Settings options. Click on Settings.

Next, go over to Analytics and Scripts on top of the main menu.

Find the Additional Sitewide Tracking Scripts section and paste the Global Tracking script here.

After the script has been pasted, click Save.

Now, after the Global script has been installed, you’ll now need to go to your content section.

Next, find your “Step 2 of 2: Help Us With A Few More Bits Of Information…” page and click to edit.

Back in AdWords, you’ll need to copy the snippet for the Event. Keep this event snippet as “page load”. This will ensure each time your “Step Two” Page” loads, it will count as a lead as long as the search came through the AdWords ad.

Again, copy this extra little piece of code.

Go back to your step two page and go all the way down to the bottom to “Additional Settings” and your “Tracking Codes”.

You need to paste your event script into the “Tracking Codes” section.

Once the script has been installed, go back up to the top of the page and click “Update” to save your changes.

That is it! You now have your lead conversion tracking script installed.