Adding Scripts to your Site

If you’re wanting to add third-party scripts to your Carrot website, we have an option that’ll allow you to easily do that without ever having to touch the code on your website. Certain 3rd party services—such as live chat, split testing and conversion tracking software—require that you add a script to your website or to certain pages on your site.

Please note, for account security, scripts will only be shown to visitors and will not be visible in your page/post previews. You’ll need to visit your site in an incognito window to ensure your script is working.

Site-Wide Scripts

Step 1: Go to your site’s dashboard

Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.35.39

Step 2: Open your site’s “Settings”

Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.40.06

Step 3: Click “Analytics & Scripts”

You’ll see three options for scripts.

Google Analytics Tracking ID: is the first entry space. It is only used for that tracking ID. You’ll save this using the green “save” button directly below that box.

Additional Sitewide Tracking Scripts: There are two additional sitewide tracking scripts, Head and Footer. Unless indicated by the third-party software, you will always use the second “Footer scripts” option to add scripts to your site. This ensures you have the optimal load speed for your site so your visitors don’t wait too long. Click the green save button located below “Footer scripts” to save the header and/or footer scripts you are adding.


Step 4: Save Your Changes

Save after it’s entered and you’re finished!

Page Scripts

To add a script to a specific page:

  1. Edit the specific page from your site admin
  2. Scroll down to the “Additional Settings” box
  3. Paste in the script
  4. Update the page