How To Install Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Codes

Ready to connect Google Analytics and/or to Google Tag Manager to your site(s) to start collecting more data for better results? Wonderful! This page will help guide you through that process.

Before you get started, Google recently made some changes in response to the many concerns of internet privacy. You can learn more about that here. At this time, we recommend you use the Universal ID, which will need to be created. Here’s how to can create and add the Universal ID to your site.

Step 1: Sign up for an Analytics Account

If you’ve already created your account prior to October 2020, your account will look different and you will have different steps to find your analytics ID. Here’s a full tutorial to walk you through those steps.

If you haven’t created a Google Analytics account, simply create an account here. Name your account and hit the “next” button to go to the Property Setup.

Step 2: Set Your “Advanced Options”

To create a Universal ID, you must select “Show advanced options” under Property setup. Enter your website URL and complete the Analytics account set up.

If you already set up your property, and this step was not taken, you’ll need to delete the original site property and create a new property. Here’s Google’s instructions to access that. You’ll find this under Admin > Property Settings > Create Property

Step 3: Copy Your Universal Analytics ID

Scroll to “Connected Site Tags” and click to view your UA ID below your new entry box.

Step 4: Go to Your Carrot Site “Dashboard”

Step 5: Click “Settings”

Step 6: Click the “Analytics & Scripts” Tab

Step 7: Paste Your GA Tracking ID in the Field

Step 8: Click “Save”