How To Install Google Analytics

So you have analytics and want to connect it to your Carrot site? Great! There are a few reasons this is important for your site and your business. 

  1. Google Analytics collects a massive amount of data you can use to gain insight into your visitors and their behavior. Carrot collects a lot of the basic information on your traffic visitors already, but Google Analytics can expand on that data. 
  2. More credibility in Google’s eyes from an SEO perspective.

Ready to connect the two? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create an Analytics Account

If you haven’t created a Google Analytics account, simply create an account here.

Step 2: Find your UA-xxxxxxx Code in Google Analytics

A) Click the All Accounts button at the top of the page

B) Copy the UA code associated with your Property (site)

Step 3: Go to Your Carrot Site “Dashboard”

Step 4: Click “Settings”

Step 5: Click the “Analytics & Scripts” Tab

Step 6: Paste Your GA Tracking ID in the Field

Step 7: Click “Save”