How To Put Testimonials In Your Content

If you’re looking for a way to insert a single testimonial, or specific testimonials, into different content areas of your Carrot site, we’ve got you covered!

The [testimonials] short code will insert the most recently entered testimonial by default in the location of your choice.

It’s super simple to use. After you’ve created the testimonial just insert [testimonials] in the location on the page or post you’d like to have a single testimonial appear such as the Our Company page for example –

To choose a specific testimonial to display, add the post ID to the short code. For example, [testimonials id=123]

You can locate the testimonial ID by viewing the address bar from the testimonial edit screen as shown below –

In this example, the ID is 1205 so you would enter [testimonials id=1205] into your content where you would like it to appear.

You can also randomize your testimonials to pull any of the testimonials listed upon each load. You’d simply use this code instead [testimonials random].

If you need help on creating testimonials, visit our Testimonials Guide.