How To Use The Unique Content Tool To Rewrite your Home Page


Personalizing the content on your Carrot website is really important for improving how well it shows up on Google searches. It helps you avoid having the same content as other sites, makes sure visitors have a better experience, and boosts your website’s visibility and position in search results.

Our Unique Content Tool is a great feature that shows you how much your content differs from the standard template. This tutorial will explain how the tool works and give you useful tips to make your page better and more effective.

Let’s delve into the details of this powerful tool and learn how to create outstanding content!

Step 1: Navigating To Your Home Page

First, you will want to go to your Site Dashboard > Content > Pages, and click on your Home Page. Here, you will be able to begin using the Unique Content tool.

Carrot Dashboard with arrows direction to the Home page editor.

Step 2: “Uniquifying” Your Content

When you edit the text on your page, the tool checks the original version of the page and compares it to your updated version with the new content.

Screenshot of the Home page with the sidebar open, showing the Unique Content Tool.

New content can come in many forms!

Here is a list of content updates that can be made that the Unique Content Tool will be able to validate–

  • Words changed or added to the original on-page content located in Paragraph, Hero, Cover, Credibility or Heading Blocks
  • Captions added to images

Content updates that the Unique Content Tool does not account for–

  • Content within dynamic blocks, such as the Testimonial block and Reusable blocks
  • Image/Media changes
  • Image Alt Text

Best Practices

  • Aim for a 50% goal of unique content on the page. Here’s why!
  • Be mindful of your target keyphrases for the page (most often something like ‘sell my house fast’, ‘we buy houses’, etc). Keeping these phrases on your page is crucial for making your page show up better in search results!
  • You can use a thesaurus like to find different words that mean the same thing. This will keep the information in your content flowing nicely.

What content should I make unique?

Technically, you can use Carrot AI to rewrite any bit of text within your site (with some exceptions), but the best outcome is to generate truly unique content from competitor sites. Here are a few primary areas this tool is intended for you to work in and make your content unique.

Page editing priority:

  • Homepage
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 50% unique
    • 1500 words minimum
  • About Us/Our Company page
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 50% unique
    • 500 words minimum
  • Other high impact core conversion pages on your site*
  • Niche Topic Pages and Supporting Posts
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 30% unique
    • 1500 words minimum
  • ACL blog posts
    • We recommend rewriting and/or adding content to be at least 30% unique
    • 500 words minimum
    • These should be rewritten after the above pages have already been reworked

*A note on Core pages: Varies by strategy: not all “core” pages for a site need to rank for a particular phrase, but making the content unique and personalized can help increase conversion. The above pages and blogs should always be your primary priority in editing content and making unique from other competitors before turning attention to less critical pages of your site.


Our Unique Content Tool is a fantastic tool for Carrot website owners who want to improve their SEO. It lets you personalize your content and see how much you’ve changed it. By doing this, you can avoid having the same content as other sites, make sure visitors have a better experience, and improve your website’s visibility and ranking on Google. Using our Unique Content Tool will definitely help you get better results and make your Carrot site stand out online!

Why 50% Unique Content Is Important

Making sure your Carrot website’s content is tailored to your specific audience is crucial for success.
We wanted to see if this approach really works, so we analyzed the best-performing Carrot sites and compared their homepage content to the original template they started with. Then, we looked at sites with no improvement in organic traffic and rankings and did the same comparison.

The results were clear: the top-performing sites had significantly different homepage content from the template, while the lowest-performing sites made no changes at all. In other words, the key to success is customizing your homepage using our SEO-optimized templates to create content that is unique, local, and valuable to your visitors. By doing this, you’ll attract more people to your site and improve your website’s performance.

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