Map Embed Shortcode

If you’re looking for a way to insert an interactive Google map of a location into your site’s content, we’ve got you covered!

Embed a Map With Your Company Address

The [map] short code will insert the map for the company address you have set in your site’s settings.

It’s super simple to use. Simply insert [map] into your content and the map will display on your page where that was inserted. Save your changes and you’re done. Please see below for how it appears by default:

Override Map Embed Address

If you want to override your company address used in the map, you’ll start with the same code [map] and add an address into the brackets to override the settings, i.e: [map address="INSERT ADDRESS BETWEEN QUOTES"]. Here’s what that looks like:

Change Zoom Level For Your Map Embed

To change how far the zoom is on the map, you’ll add zoom to the end of the short code. For example, [map address="The Loft 950 SE Oak Ave Roseburg OR 97070" zoom=8]. The zoom level can be anywhere between 0 (the whole world) to 21 (individual buildings). This image uses zoom=8.

If you need help placing a map on your tutorial, please reach out to our support team via live chat or email at Thanks!