How to Embed Google Maps

If you’re looking for a way to insert an interactive Google map of a location into your site’s content, we’ve got you covered!

Embed a Map With Your Company Address

The [map] short code will insert the map for the company address you have set in your site’s settings.

It’s super simple to use. Simply insert [map] into your content and the map will display on your page where that was inserted. Save your changes and you’re done. Please see below for how it appears by default:

Override Map Embed Address

If you want to override your company address used in the map, you’ll start with the same code [map] and add an address into the brackets to override the settings, i.e: [map address="INSERT ADDRESS BETWEEN QUOTES"]. Here’s what that looks like:

Change Zoom Level For Your Map Embed

To change how far the zoom is on the map, you’ll add zoom to the end of the short code. For example, [map address="The Loft 950 SE Oak Ave Roseburg OR 97070" zoom=8]. The zoom level can be anywhere between 0 (the whole world) to 21 (individual buildings). This image uses zoom=8.

Add the script to the spot on your page you want to have it live

Edit your page and find the spot that you want to have the map show up.  Then simply type in your script in that location!!