Carrot Lead Generation Banner

The Carrot Lead Generation Banner is the newest lead generation element that can be added to your Carrot site to help optimize conversion rate and drive leads for your business. 

Persistent. Customizable. Flexible. The Lead Generation Banner can be placed at the top or bottom of your site and outfitted to prompt visitors to take that first crucial step on their conversion journey.

The Lead Generation Banner contributed to a significant increase in conversion rate during testing – by anywhere from 25 to 110%!

Ready to get started with the Carrot Lead Generation Banner, supercharge your site’s conversion, and drive more leads?  Keep reading to find out where to find the Lead Generation Banner, how to customize it, and how to use it!

How To Enable The Carrot Lead Generation Banner

Navigate to Design. This is where the Carrot Lead Generation Banner lives on your Dashboard.

Once you’ve navigated to the “Design” tab, the Carrot Lead Generation Banner can be found at the bottom of the list of design options.

Under “Enable Lead Generation Banner,” switch the toggle from Disabled to Enabled. You will see the default version of the Lead Generation Banner appear on your site preview to the right. Congratulations on your improved lead generation!

Note: The Lead Generation Banner will not be “live” on your site until you press “Publish” at the top of the list of design options 🙂

Customization Options

Within the Lead Generation Banners settings, you’ll find several options to customize the look, layout, and content of your banner.

Lead Generation Banner Placement:

Allows you to choose whether to place the banner at the top or bottom of the screen. 

Lead Generation Banner Style:

There are three layout options for the Lead Generation Banner:

  • Text Only
  • Text + Button
  • Text + Form 

Carrot’s official recommendation is to use the Text + Form setting, as it provides the most direct route to conversion for visitors.

The following options will vary depending on your choice for Banner Style.

Lead Generation Banner Content:

The text content of your banner. Think of it as the Call To Action.

Lead Generation Banner URL:

The text content of your banner will serve as a link – as well as the button (if selected). The Lead Generation Banner URL is where you would like to direct that link. Our recommendation is to set this as a landing page or conversion-oriented page that is different from your homepage.

Lead Generation Banner Button Text:

The text content of your banner button (if selected).

Lead Generation Banner Form:

The form that appears in the lead generation banner.

Mini Tutorial – Quick And Easy Form Set Up For Lead Generation Banner

Note: This field is restricted to your forms that have 2 or fewer form fields.

Step 1: Create a new form under Content > Forms > New Form

Step 2: Name the form “Lead Gen Banner” and click create form:

Step 3: Add a single form field from the right sidebar.  Expand the “Advanced Fields” dropdown and drag “Email” to the left:

Step 4: Click “Save Form”

Step 5: Go to Form Settings for that form, then Confirmations.  Edit “Default Confirmation” and change “Confirmation Type” from Text to Page.  Select the standard Step 2 page that your primary homepage form redirects to. 

Step 6: Click “Save Confirmation” and return to the Lead Generation Banner settings to apply that form!

Show Lead Generation Banner Labels:

You can choose to either hide or show the labels within your selected form. 

Highlight Color:

If you would like to apply a color highlight to your text, you can set that color here.  In Lead Generation Banner Content, use <b> and <em> tags to apply the highlights. 

How to use <b> and <em> tags: By wrapping certain text with these tags, you can apply a highlight color to your text.  To generate a highlight with bold letters, place a <b> tag directly before the text you want to highlight.  Immediately after that text, place a </b> tag.  To apply italics, do the same but with <em> and </em>.

Background Color:

The background color of your banner.  By default, this is set to your site’s primary color.

Text Color:

This will set the text color within your banner.

Optional – How to Use Placeholder Text

Follow the instructions below if you would like the form in your Banner to look a bit more streamlined, like this:

Step 1: Edit your Lead Gen Banner form and click on a field. Then click on the “Appearance” dropdown for that field shown here:

Step 2: You can then enter placeholder text under “Placeholder” and it will populate within the form field:

Step 3: Lastly, disable the topmost label under “Field Label Visibility” and Save your changes: