Landing Pages

There are a couple of Landing Pages (aka squeeze pages) built into your site designed to convert even more leads. This tutorial will walk you through how to edit current Landing Pages or add a new Landing Page using the templates.

Accessing Landing Pages

Step 1: Click Content

Step 2: Click Landing Pages on the Left

Editing Current Landing Pages

Step 1: Click the title for the Landing Page you want to edit

Alternatively, you can hover over the title and hit the “edit” option from the list displayed under the title.

Step 2: *Recommended* Convert to Blocks

You can keep the page in the Classic Editor if you are familiar and prefer that editor. If you would like more options without having to use custom code and shortcodes, please convert to blocks in order to see more done-for-you options.

Step 3: Update the Landing Page

Click any available block to make changes to current content

Got it! I’m ready to continue to update the form on the page and save changes.

Add a new Landing Page using the templates

Step 1: Add the Landing Page

Click “Add New” and then choose your template. You can demo the template by clicking the “demo” text on the bottom right of the thumbnail image. The demo will open in a new tab. Close the tab to return to the Landing Page template selection screen. Click the Landing Page template you want to use. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the orange button to “Generate Landing Page.” This will take a few seconds to generate the page once it’s selected.

Step 2: Edit the generated content

Depending on the template you select, you’ll have content automatically added to the page. Click the blocks and content to update the details.

Step 3: *Optional* Change the template’s background image

Some templates have a large image for the background. You can update by changing the background image on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: Update the form on the Landing Page

Scroll 3/4 down the page until you see “Landing Page Form Options” on the main content editor. Select your preferred form from the drop-down menu. If you need to edit or add a new form, please see the Learn More section for a link to the tutorial to guide you through that process.

Step 5: Click “Update” to save your changes

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