SetUp AWeber Integration with Carrot’s Forms

You can have your leads automatically forwarded to AWeber when someone opts in, no copying and pasting. It’s a one-time set up and that’s it. Your leads will be in AWeber for automated followup you’ve added. Easy Peasy.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Click “Content” on the Site to Add Landing Pages

Step 3: Go to “Forms” then “Settings”

Step 4: Click on “AWeber”

Step 5: Input “Authorization Code” from AWeber

If you do not have your authorization code, please follow AWeber’s instructions to retrieve that. Don’t forget to click the “Update Settings” button.

Step 6: Map Each Form’s Fields

You’re almost there. Now, you just need to tell AWeber what fields need to be filtered to which area in Aweber. Each form needs every section to have fields mapped where you want them. The fields available are all dependent upon what is available within AWeber. Choose the best option available for each field. 

Do the following for each form you want to send to AWeber.

A) Go Back to Forms

B) Hover Over the Form to Select “AWeber” From “Settings”

C) Click “Add New” to Add a Feed
AWeber has fields available and the feed allows you to select AWeber’s fields from the drop-down. Choose the best one available for you and your business. 

For example:

Nice work! Your form is now mapped to AWeber. 

Continue Step 4 with every form to automate leads going to AWeber.