Using Zapier to Integrate other CRM’s

This tutorial uses the paid version of Zapier and an updated trigger method, choosing premium app integration “Webhooks by Zapier”, since Carrot is not listed as an application in Zapier’s database. If you had used the previous version, you have been grandfathered into that process. However, any new integrations using Zapier will require a paid plan.

Zapier is a really cool software that allows you to tie in many other systems to automate workflows and processes.

To find out if you can integrate Carrot with another system, please check out a list of common integrations or search for the platform you need.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to set up sending leads to a CRM with Zapier, using Podio as an example. Podio is only used here for example purposes. These steps are universal to any CRM that is supported with Zapier, which is most CRM’s. There are 2 major parts to this setup, creating and adding the webhook, then linking your CRM and mapping fields.

This process is similar to the actions you will want to take for other CRM’s and software you’ll be integrating with Zapier. Most of the steps will be the same, however Podio does have a more in-depth setup. You’ll find that other CRM’s have less steps than what is shown on this guide.

If you have any questions during the setup process, we’re happy to help but the experts of Zapier are on Zapier’s team. You can learn more about using Zapier and contact their support team at

Step 1: Let’s start by making a Zap

Sign in to your Zapier account, then click the button on the top left to “Create Zap”.

Step 2: Name your zap

Enter a name for this zap that explains the purpose of this zap.

For example, if you are mapping your agent seller Contact Us form to your Podio account, then you could name the zap “Carrot agent seller ‘contact us’ form to Podio.

This will make it much easier to reference as you add more and more zaps to your account.

Step 3: Add the Zap’s Trigger

  1. Now we’ll set up the Zap’s trigger. Search for “Webhooks by Zapier” in the search bar that’s presented to you on this page (shown in the GIF below) – Click on Webhooks by Zapier

Note: Carrot is not added to Zapier as a supported applicable as of yet. Searching “Carrot” here will only yield “Carrot Quest”, which is not us. You must use the “Webhooks by Zapier” option.

  1. A drop-down menu will appear before you, from the 3 available choices, click “Catch Hook”
  1. Leave the “Pick off a Child Key” field blank. Click the “Continue” button to progress:
  1. Finally, copy the Webhook that you created:

Next, you’ll navigate to your form in your Carrot site and select the Zapier setting to paste your Webhook

Step 4: From Your Site Dashboard, Navigate to Your Zapier Settings

Go to your Carrot account and click the “Content” option for your site. Navigate to your form’s Zapier settings to paste the Webhook

Click the “Forms” option on the left side and hover over the form you want to integrate. You’ll see a “settings” option.

Hover over that to produce a drop-down list and select Zapier from that drop-down. From there, click “create one” and name your zap.

Paste your Webhook and click the button at the bottom of that page to “Save Zapier Feed.”

Step 5: Finally, Back in Zapier, Test Your Form Submission

Click “Continue” on the Zapier page then click “Test Trigger.

It will then pull in some sample form submissions from the form to test the connection. You should see all of the items on the form collected.

For example, if you collect the name, phone, and email, then you should see the name, phone, and email on the list of the test information.

Click the button to “Continue” when you’re ready.

Learn More:

For more involved Zapier questions, head to Zapier’s Help Center and contact their support team at

Part 2 – How to Integrate with a CRM (if applicable)

Step 1: Integrating with a CRM in Zapier

Choose the app you are integrating your forms with. In this example, we’ve selected Podio:


Step 2: Add your CRM account

Select your CRM account (in this example, a Podio account) and hit Connect a New Account to add your account. Then click Save + Continue


Step 3: Setup your CRM submissions with Zapier’s “Zap”

Choose the Organization, Workspace, and Application to send the leads to.


Step 4: Map Your Form Fields to Your CRM Fields

In this section you are telling Zapier which form fields need to be imported into which CRM fields. These will vary per CRM and per user depending on your configuration. The field that you select for each of these is the form fields on your Carrot site that you are integrating with. For example, if you have a name field on your Carrot form, you will want to input that for the name field in your CRM.


So, it will look something like this, depending on your CRM app:


Hit “Continue” when done

Step 5: Test your CRM integration


Step 6: Turn the power on

Name the Zap and turn the Zap on.


Step 7: Finish the testing phase

Check your CRM account to see if the test lead came through after submitting an opt in on your site.


That’s all it takes!

Hit us up at or live chat below if you’re having any trouble at all.

Beta and Invite Only Zap Help

Investor PO: is an ‘invite-only’ integration. You’ll need to click on this link to be invited to use the Investor PO integration with Zapier. Click Here