Add CRM Integration to Forms using Zapier

Greetings Carrot Heads! In this tutorial, I’ll walk ya though how to setup sending leads to any number of CRMs (Podio, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, etc.) using Zapier. First thing is to grab a free Zapier account here.

In this example, we will be showing how to setup a Zap to Podio.
It’ll roughly be the same steps if you are setting up a Zap to another CRM.

Step 1: Make a Zap to Integrate Form Fields

Sign in to your Zapier account, then click “Make a Zap!”

Step 2: Make a New Zap Submission

Select “Gravity Forms” from the list, then “New Form Submission” on the next page. Then click “Continue”.



Step 3: Form Submission

Click “Copy”

You do not need to purchase the plugin, as it is already installed on your site.



Step 4: Go to the “Forms” Page Under Your Site’s Content

Go to your Carrot site’s Dashboard, select Content, then select Forms, then select Zapier underneath a form.



Step 5: Create a Zapier Feed for Carrot

Hit the “Add New” link.

Step 6: Zapier Feed Form SetUp

Name the Zap, then paste the Webhook URL from step 4. Click “Save Zapier Feed”.


Step 7: Back In Zapier – Test Your Form Submission

Click “Continue” on the Zapier page.

It will then pull in some sample form submissions from the form to test the connection. You can select any that it pulls in, then press “Continue”.

Step 8: Integrating with Podio in Zapier

Choose ‘Podio’ (or any other app you are integrating your forms with)




Step 9: Add Your Podio Account

Select your Podio account or hit Connect a New Account to add your Podio account. Then click Save + Continue


Step 10: Setup Your Podio Submissions with Zapier’s “Zap”

Choose the Organization, Workspace, and Application to send the leads to.


Then match up your Podio fields to your form’s fields


So, it will look something like this, depending on your Podio app:


Hit “Continue” when done

Step 11: Test Your Podio Integration


Step 12: Turn the Power on for Integration

Name the Zap and turn the Zap on.


Step 13: Finish the Testing Phase

Check your Podio account to see if the test lead came through after submitting an opt in on your site.

That’s all it takes! Hit us up at or live chat below if you’re having any trouble at all.