CRM Integrations Overview

Your Carrot site can be connected to a wide plethora of third-party applications and software systems. This page is an overview to help you figure out how to best integrate your CRM with Carrot.


Direct Integrations

Carrot has direct integrations with the following CRM’s and email providers.

Third-Party App Integrations

Many apps need a translator to help them communicate with Carrot, including Podio. You’ll want to use Zapier if there is not a direct integration.

Embedded Form Integrations:

Any CRM that allows you to create opt-in forms will generate a code to embed the form on your Carrot site (iFrame and JavaScript excluded). You can put that form embed code on your Carrot site or even replace the built-in Carrot forms. Please note, the styles of these forms are not always great for conversions and can severely hinder your site’s performance. We do not recommend using forms outside of Carrot’s pre-built forms because of this.

Here’s a short list of CRMs that use built-in forms:

  • Freedomsoft
  • Realeflow
  • Buyers on Fire
  • Podio
  • Infusionsoft

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