Changing Your Site Style

There are 6 different styles for your sites, 4 of which can be chosen if you are on any plan for agent or investor plans. You can find the Cedar, Douglas, Juniper, and Madrone styles on every site and plan. There are 2 exclusive styles. The Hemlock style is reserved for Advanced Marketer members and the Oak style is reserved for agents. Here’s what each style looks like:

This tutorial will walk you through how you can activate the style you want.

Step 1: Click the Site’s Dashboard

Step 2: Click Design

Step 3: Click the “Change” Button


Step 4: Click “Live Preview”

You can preview each style on your site prior to saving it. The Live Preview button allows you to preview it with your logo, colors, and background hero image.

Step 5: Click “Activate and Publish” and You’re Done!