Creating and Viewing Your Site: launch a new Carrot site

Welcome to the Carrot team! After completing this tutorial, please let us know if you found it helpful! Or, if you found it missing information that you needed! We’ll be sure to consider adjustments and reach out if you leave your email 🙂

Launching your site will be the very first thing you do after you sign up for a Carrot account. As you go through the site-creation process, you’ll be prompted to pick a lead type and a design! The lead type will determine your site’s default target audience and the design will be your first step towards personalizing your site.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Add/Create your site

*If this is your first site your screen will look a bit different from this. That’s ok! The steps will be the same after you get started!

Step 2: Select your site type

Step 3: Name your site and click the orange “Create Site” button

Your site name will appear as your default logo in the header of your site until you attach a logo. You can change the site title any time in the site’s settings.

Nice work! Your site is now created, and you can start making edits to it!

How to view your site:

Once your site is launched, you can preview it at any time to see what your visitors are seeing.

How to log in to your account:

You will learn how to view your site and pages using three methods. One way is to view it from your account’s dashboard. You can also view it by clicking the domain name, once it’s attached. And, lastly, you can view individual pages from within the content dashboard.

How to view your site from your dashboard

  1. Log into your account. Once logged in, you’ll go to your site’s dashboard to view your site if you haven’t attached a domain.
Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.35.39
  1. Then you’ll click the last link on the page’s menu to “view” to see your site.
Screenshot on 26-May-16 at 14.43.02 (1)
  1. If you attached a custom domain, you’ll see your site’s link below the Site Title. Click the link to view it.
Screenshot on 26-May-16 at 14.41.57