How to Add a Video to Your Page

Videos are a great marketing medium, allowing you to share information visually and break down that digital divide. You can embed videos on your pages, posts, testimonials, and properties. Videos break up your written content. They are highly valued in a culture where videos are consumed at a rapid pace. Videos should be short, yet chocked full of helpful tips and details related to the page, posts, testimonial, or property it was added to.

First, you’ll want to film your video and add it to a hosting platform, such as Youtube or Vimeo. Youtube is the recommended platform. Youtube is owned by Google and gives you a bit more of an SEO edge. Be sure to use your keywords within the video’s description and title. Once you have uploaded your video, you’re ready to add it to your site.

Step 1: Copy the video’s URL

Locate your video on Youtube or Vimeo. At the top of the browser, copy the URL in the address bar.

Click the URL at the top of the browser to copy the URL.


Step 2: Locate the edit screen where you want to put the video

Go to your site’s content, then find the page, post, testimonial, or property you want to add the video to. Click the page to edit the tutorial. Locate where you want the video placed.

Once you have selected your video’s location, click the end of the line directly above it and hit “enter” on your keyboard to add a line. (In the image above, this would be the question mark after House?) If you have questions about how to get there, please reach out to our team via chat or email (

Step 3: Click “Embed Video”

You should be on the line where the video is going to be placed. If not, use your mouse and click the line you just added to select that location. Then click the button on the top right of the page to “Embed Video.”

Step 4: Paste Your Video’s Link

Step 5: Update the page to save your changes


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